Robust travel policies minimise cost whilst maximising efficiency, traveller satisfaction, safety and duty of care.


The travel buying process has evolved over the years, with organisations now buying as a committee. This is a process that ensures that all stakeholders voice their own objectives, with these objectives ultimately helping to formulate the policy and over-arching strategy.


Travel can be a very emotive subject within an organisation, experience has shown that both travellers and travel arrangers, can at times be resistant to change. When you have decided on your TMC, you as the Travel Manager, must be supported by a brilliant change management programme, intelligent and intuitive technology, along with a hybrid of traditional business to business content, combined with emerging business to consumer functionalities.


We have all heard ‘’but we can get it cheaper’’ however, we will be supporting you with the best content, user experience and traveller journey, giving you the space and time you need to be the vision on travel for your organisation.


We are here in an advisory capacity to consult on your policy, ensuring your spend is controlled, the productivity and well-being of your travellers is maximised, and that all this fits with the culture of your organisation.


Visibility and control are key elements of compliance. But maximum compliance will never be achieved if business travel management is not meeting the needs of every stakeholder, or unless you have the means to track traveller satisfaction.

“If you cannot measure it, you cannot manage it” hence you must be supported with tailored management information built around your objectives, KPIs and SLAs, with the capability to deliver a single targeted line of sight to you and your stakeholders.


Traveller tracking is an essential element of your duty of care obligations too. You need to know that your TMC can pinpoint your travellers’ whereabouts whilst away on business and that you have the means to send personalised or generic alerts whenever problems arise. The true value of safety is not only having the ability to track your travellers, but to equip them to deal with the situation before the event occurs. The best means of achieving this is pre-travel assessment and training. This will not only prepare your travellers, but will also help determine how your CSR programme is best structured.


Travellers are changing too. The new millennial generation demands constant connectivity, embraces new travel products and concepts. So your travel policy needs the flexibility to evolve together with an increasingly mobile workforce. You need the technology to track spend from door to door and to deliver the kind of traveller experience that makes compliance almost automatic. Above all you need to know that your travel costs are being managed responsibly, with rate caps respected and any out of policy bookings highlighted. Finally, you need to know that your travel programme is fit for purpose now –and in the future.


As a travel management company it is our role to assist you as the Travel Manager, through data analysis and stakeholder involvement, consulting with your travelling population to understand what their needs are and their definition of value.


Organisations have multifaceted needs, depending on the culture and maturity of the travel programme, the level of technology deployed and, indeed, the demographics of the travelling population.


We offer strategies for the integration and aggregation of next-generation technology, providing you with more holistic content, whist we continue to improve user experience and traveller journey.

We continue to innovate by offering you a custom built solution to address organisational nuances to drive and improve process efficiency. We will also implement a continuous improvement strategy that compliments your organisation’s culture and improvement needs.


A standard part of our role to is to position ourselves as an extension to your buying arm by leading your vendor selection and negotiation process.

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