Travel is a big item of corporate spend. So you need a provider able to deliver the bottom line savings to justify changing supplier and that all stakeholders’ needs are met.


Travel for most organisations is the third largest spend. The considerations around travel are growing, with an efficient process being at the heart to ensure that all relevant areas are considered. In such a fast changing environment, a key element is future proofing the travel programme.


Finance and Procurement must be support by the right tools to measure all facets of the travel programme from cost avoidance,

end-to-end expense management, reconciliation, corporate social responsibility, supplier leverage, deal tracking and budget tracking just to name a few.


Better data means better decisions. Let’s talk about how we can make your data work for you.


Travellers and Travel Bookers have an ethical and moral responsibility to protect the interests of your company. This is only possible with the support of a pro-active Travel Management Company. Our aim will be to provide these people with the information and support needed to ensure they become a pivotal part of your organisation’s vision on travel and success of the travel strategy.


Through an appraisal of your policy and working practices, we will look to make enhancements to achieve greater compliance. Accounting for your spend leverage to maximise savings, will play a key part.

Policy has to be continually evaluated to ensure that business objectives are achieved, as travel is generally known to be one of the fastest changing environments.


To ensure progress and achievement, we will jointly decide suitable methods of communication and evaluation.

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Uniglobe Preferred is now Business Travel Direct

New brand, same great service

Uniglobe Preferred was acquired by Business Travel Direct in 2018 and the Uniglobe Preferred brand is now being retired. Clients will continue to receive the same great service from the same teams - these will now simply operate under the Business Travel Direct brand.

The change will come into full effect from January 1st 2020.

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