Business travel is hard work, so you need to know your trips are meticulously planned, giving you the confidence to focus on executing your meeting objectives.


We’ve all been there. The hotel you’ve been booked into turns out to be miles away from your meeting because of a perceived saving but without taking into account the human cost.


It’s also false economy. Whilst the company may have saved on a more expensive room closer to where you needed to be, it now has to pick up the incremental cost of the journey from the hotel to the meeting, far outweighing the saving of the cheaper room.


There is no logical reason why a company’s travel programme should not take more notice of the traveller. We understand how important it is that you are in the best physical and mental state when it’s time to do business. As the person at the sharp end, you need to know that every aspect of the travel experience will be stress-free.

You also need to know that your choice of airlines, hotels and other providers match your personal needs as well as those of the business, keeping you within travel policy in terms of costs, convenience and comfort.


You need to stay connected throughout every trip with free Wi-Fi and travel information available on the move. The booking process needs to be quick, simple and available on every device –including mobile.


Most of all, you need to feel safe when travelling on business, and have someone to talk to if things go wrong, leaving you to get on with the business.


Our solution aims to strip out all false economies, ensuring that total cost is reflected in each quote, whilst ensuring that you have access via mobile to our inventory, wherever you are. We will work closely with you to keep your individual traveller profiles up-to-date, which enables us to keep abreast with the ever changing personal nuances of each traveller.


Prior to travelling, we will provide you with any necessary information regarding potential risks and / or disruption that may affect you in the countries you are travelling to. We also have the capability to provide tracking services and two-way communication alerts. By providing up-to-date information whilst you are on the road, we can actively help you to optimise the objectives of each trip.

We strongly believe that organisations must keep their brand champions and road warriors safe. Which is why we take our job very seriously. Not only will we bring you face-to-face for your important meetings, but we are relentless in our key objective to reunite you with your families and loved ones. You can have 24-hour support, 7 days per week, ensuring that wherever you travel to, we will be there with you.

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Uniglobe Preferred is now Business Travel Direct

New brand, same great service

Uniglobe Preferred was acquired by Business Travel Direct in 2018 and the Uniglobe Preferred brand is now being retired. Clients will continue to receive the same great service from the same teams - these will now simply operate under the Business Travel Direct brand.

The change will come into full effect from January 1st 2020.

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